LEEUWIN 1963 photos

ALBATROSS Grand Finalist - Tom Houldsworth featuring

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Photo: L-R: Tom Houldsworth (Nowra), Ron Giveen (Dee Why), Phil Clements (Central Coast), Ted Hase (Canberra), Mick Gallagher (Mt Colah), Kevin Bock (Penrith), John Hatchman (Nowra), Ian Schubert (Canberra) & Dave 'Spook' Cairns (Lake Macquarie)

Schubes Schubert

Mick Gallagher

Rocky Frier

Carol Mills forwarded this pic of Peter Walsh

Joe Rados, Kev Smith, Dave Kent, Rob Cavanagh, UK

Rear Row Ian Schubert, Roger Pearson, Mick Chaffey, Ian Potter
Front Row Rex Geoghan, Garry Brown, Glen Butler, Rob Cavanagh, Don Mann, Kev Smith

Jim Bush, Ian Schubert, Kev Smith, Garry Brown, Rob Cavanagh, Mick Gilfoyle, UK, Roger Pearson, Bill Hay, Joe Rados

Learning how to fight fires.
ABCD School HMAS Leeuwin

Gary Brown, Rob Cavanagh, Mick Gilfoyle

Rob Cavanagh, Kev Smith

Boong Bartlett -before and after

Tiny Graves in LEEUWIN 63

Tiny Graves in CRESWELL

Tiny Graves 2013

Mick Gallagher, Tom Houldsworth, Ron Giveen, John Hatchman and John Hume at VOYAGER Memorial Feb 2013

One of the 'Survivors of Voyager' daughters pics, Michelle giving a lift home to the bilgewater rats after the function - Mick Gallagher (right) Spook Cairns (middle) Ron Giveen (left) photo by Michelle

Peewee Petherick on his last day with the cadets and at home. He and Christine should now be on the move.

Irish O'Leary forwarded this photo and list of names of Nakina 1 7th Intake

Greg (Hyphen) Henderson-Smith collection

Being towed in the Whalers

Party time in Kaiber Donga

Noel Barker and Terry Pitt

Kaiber Clean Up

Kaiber 1 Clean Up

Fun Times

Barry Parker and Hoss Potter

Darby Ashton's collection:
Wayne and Darby

Wally and Darby

Tug, Neville, Ross and Bob

Oh to be this fit again

Darby, Glen and Wally

Light my Fire

Terry King

Stroppy Rossler

Ross, Darby and Tom

Ross and Tom

Ross and Darby

Skull and Darby

Low Tide

Leeuwin 63-2

Rob Cavanagh forwarded these:
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Surfie Richards forwarded this

Mal Chatfield forwarded the following pixs

Just a photo of some of our Cadet staff at TS Onslow. Pee Wee Petherick CO, Jerry Gwynne XO, Allen Parr CO , Noosa, and Pete Paroz, CPO , Onslow. These were taken a couple of years ago at Nambour, for Kevin Rudd's visit. Haven't changed much have we !!!!Pee Wee Petherick

Mike Hogan took these pixs on Long Tan Day 2011, included are Mike Hogan, Checkers Aldridge, Jack Davey, Tassy Mason and Ron Giveen

Received from Darby Ashton taken at the Recruiting Centre Brisbane Jan 63## Your picture: 'Future JR's.jpg' has been inserted here ##

Yagan 2 1963
L-R: Dan Tiley, Eric Haggart, Ron Giveen, John Hatchman, Allan Lowes, Barry Parker

Yagan 2 1963
Chuckles Cuculowsky 

Info forwarded by Jock McGregor photos 4 and 6
Bow Don Churchward; 2 Brian Ramsay; 3. D. Girvan; 4. Phillip O’Meara; 5. H.J. Foot; 6. Danny Kay; 7. Jock McGregor; Stroke Rodney King; Cox G.McGuiness;
Coach Lindsay Wallis Fremantle Rowing Club, this crew raced in the state eight’s, the day we left Leeuwin at end of term, I remember Lt. Railton wouldn’t let us keep our singlets. On the race from Fremantle to Perth, we got as far as the old Swan Brewery and sunk in choppy waters, great time by all

Forwarded by Ken Railton - Bow Gabby (if I have it right!) Allen, No2 Dick Geverding , No3 Ross Fullarton , No 4 Bongo Dibetta , No 5 Tom Kinross , No 6 Stalky Oliver , No 7 Splewy Kropp , Stroke Charlie Stewart (early discharge) , Cox Peewee Petherick

LEEUWIN ROWING photos courtesy of Ken Railton

MOKARE 2 7th Intake

Gil Larssons photo's

From Larry Kent, some copies of letters prior to joining from the recruiting Office, a LEEUWIN report card, letter when he was on the VAMPIRE in 64 and a photo of some of the kit we were issued in 63

From Jack Davey - Singapore in 1967 from left Jim Hammond, Jack Davey and Dave Hanlon at the back is Len Rickert a Stoker Click here to download this file

From Mick Gallagher Vietnam veterans Day 2010

Dave Cargill's photos


Dick Lewin's photos
Dick, UK, UK, Brian Gorringe at the Sampaguita Club Subic Bay

Divisional Staff 1963 BR PO Ashen, LME Simpson, LPM Smith,LREM Oakley, SBCPO Monaghan, CPO Berrell, SBCPO Mortimer, PO Heard,LSM Cowan, LSM Brunswick, LSM Durrant,LSM Morton, PO Dyson Middle Row LT Donohue, Mr Bramich (Pshyco) Leut Beach, PO Lowein, PO Stokoe, CPO Prosser, CPO Rodgers, MAA Wright, PO Grant, PO Foley, CPO Walton, PO Corkhill, LT Daish, LT Buchanan Front Row LT Railton, LT Petrie, LCDR Robson, LCDR Merrifield, LCDR Storrie, CMDR Williams, Sister Stevens, LCDR Foley, LT Bonnett, LT Anderson, LT McMutrie, LT Roach

VAMPIRE Ships Guard Captains Divisions Hong Kong, Captain David Hamer, XO K.A. Young Front Row back of Mumbles' head, Back Row Alan Sams, Max Borthwick, John Clegg, Richard Lewin

Richard Lewin and UK 

VAMPIRE Crossing the Line ceremony

Tony Gysen, John McCormack, Brian Gorringe, Tony Dibetta, Russel Lo