50th reunion LEEUWIN 1963

50th Reunion

Ahoy Shipmates,

As Ron has informed you all arrangement's for our Reunion have been Locked n Loaded and we're ready to Rock n Roll .

Friday 11th October 6.30 pm , Rockers ( Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo )

The Publican Jeff and his Functions Manager Libby have worked well with Ron , myself and the Committee to ensure this will be a great night , and have been very generous re costs and function area.

The main downstairs bar has been set aside for our function & we have a secure outside area roped off for our own use . The Management have also provided a security guard to maintain our privacy.

Finger food will be served throughout the evening at $15 per head and drinks are at bar prices . (dress ..Smart Casual ).

I cant think of a more fitting venue to kick start our Reunion , I believe we all have memories of the front bar at the Rockers , I personally remember my first beer at the Rockers , Xmas leave from Leeuwin in 63 . You could buy a schooner of beer for two bob & a raffle ticket for sixpence and gaze in awe at the mural above the bar while enjoying the camaradie of your steppin ashore oppo’s and hoping to god you didn't win the raffle.

The decor has changed and the beer prices have increased somewhat ! , but the memories remain intact .

Saturday 12th October... Harbour Cruise.

leaving King St wharf Darling Harbour 6.30 pm. ( Ship under sailing orders ! )

We have been very fortunate in securing the services of Fusion Cruises for our Harbour Cruise . The MV Fusion is a 24 metre catamaran , triple deck , built in Brisbane in 2007.

Ron & I have inspected it and are very happy to report it is “ in all respects ready for sea “ . It has a capacity for 400 passengers and is very spacious and we have exclusive use for our 4 hr cruise.

We have arranged for a DJ and all the trimmings , who will be operating under the strict control of Mick Gallagher & Spook Cairns ( you have been warned ! ) .

We will be served a Sumptuous Seafood Buffet for the duration of the cruise , cost per person is $ 80 and drinks are at bar prices . I have been informed that Eftpos is available but suggest you cash up to avoid dry spells. Dress ..Smart casual.

What could be better than cruising the greatest harbour in the world that we all know so well , schooner of beer in hand , spinning dits with the mates you joined up with 50 short years ago and remembering passed mates. As my old Dad used to say “ Wouldn't call the King your uncle “ .

Sunday 13th October . Garden Island Chapel 10.30 am .

Ron has arranged a tour of the Garden Island Chapel with the Command Chaplain commencing at 1030, it is well worth a visit and an opportunity to view the Dedication Plaques we have laid to honour our passed shipmates.

Sunday 13th October Midday .. Farewell BBQ.

Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel , Cowper Wharf Rd Wooloolmooloo . Dress Smart casual

Our farewell BBQ will be held on the first floor balcony overlooking Sydney Harbour & the Finger wharf ,and once again Jeff & Libby have reserved this area for our exclusive use . We believe this is an ideal venue for our BBQ and is a very popular spot , comfortable with spacious views.

Cost per person is $25 and drinks are at lounge prices . Unfortunately there is no lift or wheelchair access , but assistance can be provided to the first floor via the stairs .

Ron , the Committee and myself hope that our venue selections meet with your approval and we look forward to you joining us in October for our HMAS Leeuwin 63 JRs 50th Reunion.

Please note that Ron has 50th Reunion polo shirts in either white or Navy at $40 , email him with your order .

For all who have paid your deposit please forward the remainder as soon as possible , as we now need to firm up the numbers .

For all others who wish to attend , welcome aboard, payment details are on the HMAS Leeuwin 63 JRs website. www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/page2.htm

We look forward to seeing you all in October,


Your’s Aye , .....Mike H

Tug (Jim) Wilson is bring some cousins to the event and have now been reliably informed Tank Evans is bringing additional guests. Good to see. Everybody should know they can bring their friends and relatives to all our functions. Interested parties are welcome.

50th National Reunion 11-13 October 2013

Friday 11 October – Meet and Greet – at Rockers (Cowper Wharf Road Wooloomoolloo, opposite the Finger Wharf cost $15 a head. We have the main bar to ourselves, finger food will be provided. Less than a hundred metres from Harry’s if you want to have dinner or a snack later.

Saturday 12 October – Main function – Fusion Cruises Harbour Cruise departing King Street Wharf 7 Darling Harbour. Seafood smorgasbord. Cost $80 a head.

Sunday 13 October – Farewell BBQ – Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel upstairs Cowper Wharf Road Wooloomooloo opposite the Finger Wharf. Cost $25 a head

Have talked to the Command Chaplain’s Office. The plan for those who want to tour the chapel and see the Dedication Plaques will be to meet as a group at Garden Island at 1030. Please let me know who wants to have a look at one of the highlights of Garden Island.

The memorabillia we are purchasing are Polo shirts with the LEEUWIN emblem 1963 and lettering to indicate this is our 50th anniversary.

Dress for all events is neat casual.

Tug (Jim) Wilson is bring some cousins to the event. Good to see. Everybody should know they can bring their friends and relatives to all our functions. Interested paties are welcome. All items relevant to the 50th reunion are contained in our website www.hmas-leeuwin-1963.com/page9.htm if in doubt contact Mike Hogan or myself.

23 February 2013

To date we have 129 people indicating they wish to attend. What we need to firm up with is your intention to attend the Saturday night dinner cruise. To book a cruise we need to pay a deposit. We are well advanced in our negotiations with the carriers and need to firm up with numbers. We cannot book a cruise until numbers are confirmed as the number of attendees determines the size and price of the cruise. What we need from you now is a deposit to confirm your attendance. Could you please deposit $50 a head into our account to allow us to book the cruise. We do not know how much the cruise is going to cost, we are exploring the best value for money deal. We do not expect it to be more than $130 a head. Contact Mike Hogan ASAP to register mikehogan@ozemail.com.au

Our banking details are still the same:
Westpac 1963 REUNION HMAS LEEUWIN BSB/ACCT NO 032003 307469 Please include your personal number if you can; or send a cheque to me endorsed 1963 REUNION HMAS LEEUWIN. Please do not send a money order as Post Offices do not recognise this title. When you deposit please email or text me, I will confirm receipt using the same mode.

Cheques can be can be endorsed to 1963 REUNION HMAS LEEUWIN and forwarded to PO Box 137 Dee Why NSW 2099

Mike Hogan (mikehogan@ozemail.com.au) is the Chairman of the Reunion committee. The other members are Spook Cairns, Ian Schubert, Tom Houldsworth, Mick Gallagher (PR), Bongo diBetta and myself. John Hatchman is also helping. The dates for the reunion have been settled, the Meet and Greet will be on Friday 11 October and the reunion will conclude on Sunday 13 October. Broadly speaking, the intention is to meet somewhere in Sydney (possibly the top deck of the Rockers) to conduct the Meet and Greet. A Harbour Cruise for the Saturday night major function. An Establishment for our BBQ function to conclude the weekend.

The NSW School holidays conclude on Monday 7 Oct 13.

The RAN Centenary Review is being held from 28 September -13 October; we will be in the area for the last few days. Mick Gallagher is chasing up the programme of events, it is anticipated about 40 ships will be included.

As I have indicated earlier, put aside your money the Federal Government is giving you for the Carbon Tax and put it to a good cause - Yours

Mike Hogan will be negotiating with various companies to get us a deal where we will be the only customers on the Saturday night. As of now I have no idea on cost, but, the cost is generally determined by the numbers. To that end, it is vital we know who is intending to go on the Ferry Trip as soon as possible. Please respond as early as possible.

Don't forget this will also be your opportunity to go to the G.I. Chapel and see the dedication plaques that have been inserted for your mates. Hopefully we will have a few more there by then.

Any questions please email Mike at mikehogan@ozemail.com.au

Those attending

Geoff and Glyn Anderson
Barry and Kaymarie Andrew
Darby Ashton
Rick and Lea Avey
Trevor and Elaine Bartlett
Wayne and Margaret Butterfield
Spook Cairns
Ron and Carol Anderson Carroll
James Carroll
Rob and Sandra Cavanagh
Mal and Robyn Chatfield
Don and Kathy Churchward
Jim Clegg and Gail Quinlan
Phil and Joan Clements
Alley & Jenny Coglan
Roger and Dee Collins
Butch Cousins
Terry and Helen Dack
Russ and Joy Dale
Davo and Faye Davison
Kim and Kay Daw
Errol and Jan Delaney
Max and Jan Delahunty
Grant and Barbara Dernedde
Tony and Jo DiBetta
Marty and Lyn Edwards
Tank and Phyllis Evans
Ken and Marilyn and Jann Fielding
Boong Franklin
Warren & Robyn French
Norm and Narelle Friebe
Ross and Di Fullarton
Mick Gallagher
Wally and Robyn Gawne
Ron Giveen
Bill Godenzie
John Gray
John and Carol Grenfell
Tony Gysen
Hector Hart and Ken Stackpole
Bill and Narelle Hay
John and Lyn Hatchman
Mike and Jill Hogan
Tom and Val Houldsworth
Fred Howes and Dave Scarce
Spike and Jean Jones
Bristles and Lou Lasssau
Russ Loane
Tassy and Pam Mason
Garry and Helen McGrath
Sandy and Rhonda Michels
John and Luba Miscamble
Ron and Evelyn Mitchell
Phil and Tracey Narramore
Russ and Georgina Nelson
Annie Oakley
Ron and Carole Pope
Barry and Alice Quigley
Mal and Pauline Ritchie
Mick and Kate Roberts
Buck and Nelly Rogers
Darky and Shirley Rowland
Ken Scarisbrick
Ian and Marian Schubert
Eddie and Kathy Sheavils
Mike Shephard
Bryan and Kay Stapley
Gordon and Nita Stringer
Bob and Pat Stupple
Danny Tiley
Nifty and Di Thomas
Toby and Jenney Turner
Knocker and Marilyn Whyte
Doug and Trish Wilson
Jim and Vicki Wilson
Tony and Gay Zajer
Pat and Janet and James Zegenhagen

RAN Centenary International Fleet Review programme

2 Oct - All ships rendezvous in Jervis Bay NSW
 Jervis Bay
3 Oct – Final briefing and preparations for IFR
3 Oct - Tall ships arrive in Sydney
4 Oct - 
Fleet sails from Jervis Bay
5 Oct - Fleet entry, Sydney Fleet review, military displays & flypast - pyrotechnics and light show (evening)

6 Oct - Religious services, ships open for inspection
7 Oct Opening of the 2013 Sea Power Conference and Pacific 2013 maritime trade show.

8 Oct - Military tattoo and concerts by Combined Naval Bands
9 Oct - 
Combined naval march Sydney & 2013 Sea Power Conference and Pacific 2013 maritime trade show close

10 Oct - Combined navies sporting competition
 (Mons Cup Macquarie University)
11 Oct - Fleet departure, commence international maritime exercise